Beyond our mainstream belief

A post in the series but because you never talk about asanas ….
The direct experience of what is normally identified with paranormal phenomena is part of the science of the past and of the future. This science works on the level of consciousness revealing access to the hidden divine design.

In a nutshell, from my personal direct experience yoga is one of the practices that allows me to have a direct mystical xperience (considering that there are endless other practices in the world and in the multiverse I can not say that it is the only
Its origin being timeless and going beyond time (I don’t buy the contemporary consideration of the origins of yoga that date back about 5/10000 years ago) can be a beacon to choose an evolutionary path that works on our inner spiritual resources (contrary to what will be proposed by the science of AI in the coming years).
The goal, of Yoga, though it is difficult to describe, leads to the experience of the Samhadi.
But what is Samadhi? Without using too many philosophical words the meaning of the Samhadi according to my lineage is of death, that is when the body dies
stopping both the breath and the heartbeat with its own will for at least an hour until more days / months / years etc. that is Samhadi.
Hence many questions could arise then, anticipating some, but then is it enough to die to reach it?
Unfortunately it is not the same thing, having had some experience in this regard when you die or even when you make a trip out of the body our consciousness remains the same, unlike the Samhadi where you get out of the body when you get a super consciousness. The difference in consciousness and super consciousness in addition to the different mystical effects is given by the fact that in the first we think more or less as now (the thought can be more or less altered in alpha / theta / delta, so for example even if you drink the ayahuasca or you take a lsd we still have thoughts in a state that defines your perception of reality, while still remaining with the mind anchored in processing everything through our individual thoughts), in the second option it is totally impossible to formulate a single thought. (I would like to better explain everything through a point of view of ascension towards the
fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions together with the argument of the ETs, but perhaps another time).
I always remind you that this is a page of alternative Yoga where I hope to share inspirational themes for personal growth in preparation for the coming years of ascension where in my opinion all that in our society that is fake , manipulator,
greed based etc. will be increasingly brought to light, including in the community of yoga 🙂
Finally as you may have noticed I do not have much interest in posting photos of yoga asanas (even if I practice them and are only part of 5% of the time I dedicate to my sadhana) or embark on a path of mass disclosure to receive more followers,
likes etc. .
I consider myself only a normal person, without any desire to be called a teacher or something else, I’m just a traveling companion/wanderer who want a happy ending to everyone in their evolutionary path.

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