Interactions between higher and lower dimensions

In all spiritual practices we can say “as above so below”, especially in the book
“The Tablets of Emerald” by Hermes Trismegistus the relationships between the
visible and the invisible world are revealed.I have read hundreds of books describing from the creation of the universe to the
revelation of the mysteries that surround us, such as the secret of the flower of life
by D. Melchizedek, the Theosophy of Blavatski, the Vedas, the Popol Vuh of the
Maya etc. and in all of them there is an explanation very far removed from what our
bicentennial science proposes to us, with the exception of alternative
contemporary physicists such as Frutjof Capra, Amit Goswami and many others
(see “What The Bleep do we know?”) to shake us from the ‘Newtonian intellect to
contemplate the universe / multiverse as a living being born also from the void /
womb started in turn by a conscious energetic vibration (Om).
The image that comes to mind to contemplate multidimensional reality is that of an
apple, its seed / origin represents the void (in fact it is empty) while its skin
represents our visible material world, and as such the latter represents only a small
part of the universe in which we live, in fact we are aware only of a very small part
of our reality that according to my experience does not represent an illusion but
something very real that reflects the energies of the other hidden dimensions. For
example, if we are out of disembodied body (dead) or just traveling temporarily out
of the body (OBE), first in the dimension that I call photocopy we can live in a
world that is practically identical to ours, only with different laws of physics, one
Once we are able to interact with our pure (chitta) thought in a conscious way
(unconscious even during our normal 3D life), this last one will reflect in the water
the same image created on the other side or the deepest one.
The more easily and consciously we learn to interact with the subtle or deeper
dimensions the easier it will be to reflect that change towards its surface thus
altering its physical composition of molecular reality. All siddhis for this reason
work in this way, (read “China’s Super Psychics” for further study) or by a
conscious interaction deeper than the other dimensions beyond ours. The 3D is
actually assembled through atoms and molecules, while from 4D upwards, are the
frequencies of energy waves that create the various types of existing reality where
our world is just the last reflection of what is projected before reaching the screen /
3D reality. To conclude this topic where I could write a book we really know less
than 1% of life!
This life is not an illusion but a projection, only if we become totally
interdimensional it can become more like an illusion (maya) where in fact the cold
and the heat and all extremes can not influence our choice of physical
appearance / projection.
Hence a succession of infinite considerations arise, which can give birth to entire
philosophical volumes, but the words are only crystallizations of direct
experiences, wrapped can be a clue to help us breathe in while enveloped if you
remain only at the theoretical / philosophical level they are just a trap as the asanas
are for yoga. We do not stay only in the below but we also go to see what’s in the

Follow the white rabbit!