Perceptions, lenses and sources! "Air"

 Our way of perceiving reality and the teachings of Yoga along with other ancient spiritual practices is given by that same perspective coming from the influence of the informations related to a quite distorted society.

Even though in many are trying to put effort into their development I believe that it is essential to point out that most of the time both informations and inspirations coming from the so many called masters or inner voices may be either wrong, incomplete or even distorted.

Do we know how to distinguish if our thoughts are actually ours? 

Do we know how to recognise if our words and actions are really serving our higher purpose instead of some other distorted sources?

For more than 20 years I have witnessed in the so called spiritual community all kinds of phenomena linked to many practitioner of many disciplines like Reiki, Spiritism (medium), Yoga, Tao, Sciaminism etc. who according to my present awareness have been manoeuvred towards some manipulations of some kind. 

So in the end what I would love to share is what I call the ancient way of learning, that is a simple way to learn only through the direct experience of the multidimensional reality without engaging too much into either philosophy and theory. The first step to work on that is not to engage into our thoughts so to cleanse our mind from that inner bla bla bla. 

Once we know how to recognise the sound of our silenced mind filled with positive energy from then on some pure thought will start to raise directly from our inner experience.

Another little trick to see if we are going to the right direction as I always tell my friends/students is to look at yourself in the mirror right after a practice and generally also during the day, if you feel exhausted or tired like if your are loosing life force, if your face looks sad even though you may want to force some smile, that’s one direct sign that we are walking fully or partially into some distortions path or even that we are still misinterpreting either that spiritual practice or path.

The good news is, just to end this post with some positive side, that potentials to grow are always around the corner and hopefully according to more than 30 ancient spiritual prophecy we are going right through a period of profound transformation on the spiritual level where all the lies and distortions won’t be able to stand the upcoming change of vibrations resonating with Gaia and thus that will help us to come back to that homeostasis or centered healthy way to perceive ourselves.

May your spirit be with you!