Body asana and brain, “Earth”

Speaking of the body which is our sacred temple in Yoga, naturally the asana represent that external expression of the energetic manifestation contained within ourselves.
Slowly I will go to cover several topics related to postures such as alignment / anatomy, therapeutic corrective emotional aspect, sacred geometry etc. etc. practically there is a whole universe behind this topic.
The aspect that I like the most to focus on is how millions of people are able to benefit so easily from this practice especially during the early years.

Have you ever noticed how a beginner can enjoy a misaligned triangle or a totally curved uttanasana and so on along with all the other postures?
What’s the explanation behind all of this?
I think we all know the expression “the first time is always the first time” for example when I tasted that pizza, I climbed that mountain, I did this and that and that was fantastic, well now we’re going to delve into all of that in relation to the holistic practice of yoga.
According to the neuro scientist Nathan Spreng along with many others our
brain gets more stimulated the first time has to perform and learn something new, precisely that’s because the cerebral hemispheres create new synapses especially through the so called self-reflective activities like for example learning new different postures or physical exercises, studying new languages, researching, planning something for the future or simply daydreaming.
The more we increase the connections between our neurons the more we will be able to learn and store informations, then how these connections become stronger more effortlessly we can perform those activities. So it remains crucial for our brain to continue learning new things in order to avoid getting into a stall after X time.
From here on I will have to explain several topics and what I call the fourstep learning process that goes specifically to deal with the final goal of Yoga related to asana and how to avoid the atrophy that happens with most of the practitioners that after 5/10 years may fall into the classic pitfall of getting stuck in a rut.
This and much more will be covered in the next post in the series “Earth”.

Follow the white rabbit!