One 2 One Session

Vento is available for private sessions of 60 minutes on Zoom where
you can directly learn his 4steps approach to internal practices which includes:

1) Grounding = stress relieving / rooting practices and tension relief.

2) Clearing = karmic energetic emotional / psychic purification.

3) Energizing = vibrational raising with breathing and mental centering practices.

4) Connecting = meditation, lucid dreaming / out of body experiencing, communication with one’s inner essence etc.

This path of personal growth at 360 degrees is approachable for everyone regardless of their background being suitable both beginners and experienced meditators.

Write me a message to receive further information.




    Each lesson is subject to a donation of contribution from 33€ to  77€  depending on personal availability. These online lessons can be also in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.