In the year 2003 I received a message which only after the 2016 I fully understood. That message said that the whole world and living beings in the near future will be experiencing a permanent shift in vibration and consciousness.

After that message which I know now it came from what I call my Spirit many other mystical experiences and adventures ensued. Starting from the recalling of many past lives in our planet and off other planets, from visions, meeting with different beings, Ufos, paranormal activities in the 3d world and since I was initiated to my secret ancient Yoga practice also conscious out of body experiences and light body activation and more.

Apart from all of that the most important teachings I actually realised are all about karma, and knowledge of Spirit, only then I could answer some personal deeper questions.

Along with that personal path I started to share some info to some smallgroups of people as I never felt like to talk openly about this kind of things.

In reality “they” (multidimensional beings) always sent me a message to work along other millions of people around the world in different subtle ways and also through internet as that is the place where we can share better this message and so accomplish our mission.

So I firmly believe that our mission is to prepare ourselves towards this solar ascension event which according to some expert that I have been following from the ufology community it may be taking place within the next following ten years.

I suggest to all people to invest all our intentions and efforts towards this aim as this is the way out from manipulation, distortion and confusion inside and outside our lives.

I also recommend people from the yogic community and other mind like communities as well to look more into the Alien/Ufology subject starting through documentaries like Above Majestic and The Cosmic Secret and then read from all those international speaker in there like David Wilcock, Micheal Salla along many others as many books as possible as by doing so more knowledge of our spiritual practice may appear to make even more sense in the greater picture.

All those years I’ve spent by reading hundreds of books and watching video interviews especially on (see “Cosmic Secret”) and engrossed in metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric studies coupled with direct experiences of these topics have all led to this work.

All of the spiritual teachings no matter their source, share a common thread: we are infinite beings who chose to come here to this place at this time because we knew this is the time to ascend.

We are all connected to all that is and now is time the remove the veil and unite back to our star brothers and sisters and above all to our real self.

We are infinite consciousness originating from our Spirit or primal source, we are energy and vibration, we are love, we are All That Is manifested as human beings in this life. ”



Developed through years of direct experience both as a teacher and a practitioner, my method emphasises a greater internalisation of practice. This is a very challenging process but it carries a multitude of benefits: not only improved health but above all improved internal awareness, centring and direct spiritual awareness. The approach is always fine-tuned to the capabilities of each student, progressing step by step along a personalised path, with teaching clearly focused on the spiritual self realization.

“The Innerlock” is my personal method of teaching impeccable internal/external connection, through the breath to fine tuning the energetic resonance of the body with the altered energetic power of thought. The specific characteristics of this approach objectively demonstrate that:

– it generates an awareness of perfect alignment, where the student is conscious of keeping the back entirely straight like a board when breathing and curved only during kumbhakas (retention).- what is occurring in the body can be demonstrated objectively by applying pressure on specific points with the fingers: by pushing in opposite directions the force applied is neutralised, proving the presence of the internal lock which does nothing more than to simultaneously connect the internal bandhas or locks, the final result of this is the relaxation and dissolution of the body.

– the same lock structure applies for every single asana or transition, including forward and backward bends, vertical positions, twists, opening of the hips, etc., significantly simplifying the anatomical approach in terms of theory and practice.

– it creates a deep transformation at the myofascial level, perfectly aligning the body and avoiding any kind of compression or trauma.

– it helps the student to understand how to breathe much more deeply and for much longer, whilst keeping the body perfectly aligned and relaxed.

– through the external conditioning I have designed (High Intensity Flexibility), we optimise by 70% the time we spend for the practice of asana gaining at the same time greater flexibility and stability.

– it helps the body to constantly maintain the same alignment, avoiding wasted energy during postures and transitions, and avoiding stressing the body or the breathing during practice. The ultimate purpose is the conscious entry towards the alpha/tetha/delta brainwaves to experience our spiritual being by travelling out of the body into other dimensions.