Yogi, Experiencer, Independent Researcher

Vento Yoga

Vento was born in 1976 in Fermo, central Italy. His path began at fifteen years old when he first became interested in Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Shamanism and other eastern disciplines.

After travelling in various parts of the world, his journey became increasingly interior and spiritual.

Practicing and living in Brazil, London, Poland and other European and South American nations, after 25 years of comprehensive personal study, his passion in the last ten years is channelled into Yoga only as a life practice.

Years of experience and self-exploration have led him to define a teaching a method based on the union of internal and external practices with the focus to help prepare for…

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My Approach

Developed through years of direct experience both as a teacher and…

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Depth in Study

Truly one of the most mind blowing alternative and effective course on Yoga available worldwide

One to One session

Immerse yourself into a deep experience which may turn your reality and point of view upside down

Classi al Centro AYS

Meet Vento in his hometown, breathe the magic atmosphere during his classes in the ethnic Centro AYS



This video has been shooting by following the length of one inbreath. My intention here is to share a message of yoga as spiritual practice going beyond asana.


Waves of Breath

Long, perfectly channeled: the BREATH is vital energy that flows through the bodyand mind.