Vento was born in 1976 in Fermo, central Italy. His path began at fifteen years old when he first became interested in Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and other eastern disciplines. After travelling in various parts of the world, his journey became increasingly interior and spiritual. Practicing and living in Brazil, London, Poland and other European and South American nations, he practiced Yoga alongside with other approaches with a continuous research always oriented toward the source of it. Vento is also certified in Thai massage and Ayurveda and has completed courses aimed at development of the self in the disciplines of South-American shamanism, hypnosis, Reiki, Mayan astrology, merkaba meditation,Kardecian spiritualism and rebirthing. After 25 years of comprehensive personal study, his passion in the last ten years is channelled into yoga only as a life practice. Years of experience and self-exploration have led him to define a teaching method called “Innerlock”which allows the practitioner to achieve perfect posture that resonates in complete harmony with the internal connection of the breath along the inner body/spirit vibration.

“A particularly decisive moment in my development was my encounter with the Yoga school in Brazil, where I lived from 2005 to 2010. After just a few weeks of practice, I immediately felt in harmony with it’s breath essence , sensing its hidden mystic and spiritual elements. Despite the fact that I couldn’t receive regular instruction, I felt that this practice gave me a great deal in terms of energy and activated a new physical and emotional awareness within me. I lived initially on a small island and then in the mountains, and had little contact with the Western world, so I was unaware of the existence of a structured teaching system with different series. What interested me most was the attention paid to breathing and mind. I felt that I could harness these two elements to work on various aspects hidden within myself. I had already practised other contemporary yoga styles in India, Europe and Asia, but I had never before felt the genuine satisfaction and inner joy that this new practice gave me”.

In 2010, Vento returned to Italy after more than ten years away, together with his Brazilian wife and their daughter. He immediately began following the world of Yoga in Italy and across Europe, also making several visits to Mysore, in India. “My studies with the most renowned and highly qualified international teachers, demonstrated to me that they all treated yoga as a purely physical discipline, where the focus was placed only on closing asanas, with little or no spiritual component. This approach didn’t fit with what I was searching for in myself through yoga. I felt that there must be something far deeper, hidden beneath what most people out there were teaching.”

Then came the turning point: during one of his trips to India, Vento met his future guru, Sri Shailendra Sharma. “And then all the unanswered questions were finally illuminated by the consciousness flowing directly from the source of this ancient practice. All of the ancient scriptures, the history and the practice of yoga started to become as clear and transparent as water.” From that encounter onwards, the practice of Yoga also took on a completely different meaning for Vento.

He has now been practising for over thirteen years, up to the Ashtanga fourth series, integrating this with his Sadhana, the ancient spiritual practice of Kriya Yoga of Mahavatar Babaji lineage. This is a totally different practice from the Kriya Yoga heard about and taught in the West (and also distinct from the many in India).

In 2013, Vento opened the Centro AYS – Ancient Yoga Style in Monte Urano (Fermo, Italy) teaching Yoga with an approach that is suitable for all levels, with a particular focus on the connection between the external practice (posture/asana) and internal practice (breath and inner spiritual essence) components.

Vento currently lives in Monte Urano – Italy together with his wife Paloma and their two children, Poliana and Lakshman, sharing the friendship of his students who are a source of inspiration and a joy to teach.

2015/Ashtanga Yoga TTC with Mark and Joanne Darby (Chamonix, France) — Senior certified teacher ofS.K. Pattabhi Jois lineage

2010-2015/Mandala Yoga Shala (Mysore, India) — Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga certified teacher at MandalaYoga Shala in Mysore, a school recognised by BNS Iyengar, disciple of Krishnamacharya

2013/Thai Yoga Massage with Raoul Bharti

2008/PNL with Joston Miguel Silva (Brazil)

2004/Agama Yoga in Ko Pha Nghan, level I (Thailand)

2004 and 2007/Reiki level I and II with Diulina Ribeiro C.H.T. (Brazil)